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United Nations Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
Supporting a 5th Women's World Conference

(Supporting NGOs to date:  32)


A World Institute for a Sustainable Humanity (A W.I.S.H.) is an international nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide models and support for life sustaining activities that integrate solutions to poverty and the environment while fostering self-reliance.


Aman Foundation Logo

The Aman Foundation is a Karachi-based not-for-profit organization committed to the cause of human development working primarily in the fields of Health, Education and Food Security.

Association of Kenyan Housewives Against HIV/AIDS, a 200 member NGO based in Kenya whose mission is to empower women economically and promote their Human Rights through Education and capacity development.


Association For Women in Psychology is a not-for-profit scientific and educational organization committed to encouraging feminist psychological research, theory and activism.


Association of World CitizensAssociation of World Citizens (Ghana Branch) A worldwide movement to create a Global Community for the 21st century that is free from war and weapons of mass destruction; where disputes between nations and peoples are settled through the framework of world law, and where policy and resources are directed to human needs and securing a healthy and sustainable environment for present and future generations.

CNWE logo

Catholic Network for Women’s Equality (CNWE) work for the ordination of women in the framework of the Catholic church and for equality for women in all aspects of church and society.

CPS-logoThe mission of the Center for Partnership Studies is to advance human development by accelerating movement to partnership systems through research, education, grassroots empowerment, and policy initiatives. The partnership system supports our enormous human capacities for consciousness, caring, and creativity. CPS is dedicated to building a culture of gender and racial equity, economic justice, and a sustainable environment.

Enabling Ministry Pakistan is a libro-progressive Christian service ministry started in 1995 as our response to the Christian Brick Makers around Lahore District, Punjab, Pakistan. Our entire activities circle around bringing hopes and liberation assistance to the girls and women whose parents or guardians either bartered, sold, exchanged in marriages, bought in prostitution for debts and financial gains or who are at the risk of being sold. (680 members)

Findhorn FoundationFindhorn Foundation is an educational charitable trust and welcomes over 14.000 visitors a year for tours, educational programmes and international conferences. The Findhorn Foundation through its Ecovillage Project is a major resource for environmental education, local, nationally and internationally.

Friends Welfare AssociationFriends Welfare Association is non-governmental, non-profit, non-political and non-sectarian organization, that was established in Pakistan in 2002. This organization is registered under the society act of 1860. Its main focus is to contribute to poverty alleviation and rural development through holistic, participatory and gender balanced approach and to provide quality education to needy, homeless children and to protect children from all kinds of abuses (physical, mental, social).


MEI LogoFundacion Mujeres en Igualdad: Mission is to fight discrimination against women by promoting their social and political participation and empowerment. Advocacy and accountability campaigns and networks are implemented, as well as coalitions and alliances with NGOs, national and international groups of political, civil, social leaders and feminist organizations. M.E.I. counteracts gender violence -- most specially trafficking in women -- through seminars, workshops and national/international forums and through ITC: listserves and websites.

HEWAD LogoHEWAD (Human Ever Work Abut Development) is a non-for-profit, non-political, non-governmental registered organization. HEWAD has been working in Balochistan since 2008 in the field of Governance, Health and Nutrition, Environment, Relief Services, Agriculture and Food, Education, Children & Youth Development, Social and Culture Development, Special People, Women Development, Focational Training and Humanitarian Assistance for the needy people. HEWAD was registered in 2009 under the voluntary social welfare agencies (Registration and Control) ordinance 1961 (XL VI of 1961). HEWAD has a group of sound volunteer professionals on its Board who give direction to mainstream the activities towards sustainable development.

HTAP LogoHuman Traffic Awareness Partnerships' mission of the Human Trafficking Awareness Partnerships is to bring the issue of human trafficking to the forefront of public awareness. Logo

Institute of Peace and Development: We are working for peace, human rights,interfaith dialogue, conflict resolution of Kashmir, Palestine and women empowerment.


IHRICON-logoInstitute of Human Rights Communication, Nepal (IHRICON): An NGO whose mission is to enable the establishment of a peaceful and just society, respect and protection of human rights and media, and the empowerment of women in the community, children and marginalized groups.


IWWG LogoInternational Women's Writing Guild, a network for the personal and professional empowerment of women through writing, was founded in 1976 and is an official non-governmental organization (NGO) with consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council.  Through conferences and workshops it achieves its mission to encourage and hone the act of writing and thinking as a whetting stone for personal growth and societal leadership.

Mama na Dada Logo

Mama na Dada-Africa is a non-profit, non-governmental organization formed by and for African women to support the empowerment of the African girl child. We are a registered charity in Bondo District and Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa. Our mission is to reduce the vulnerability to exploitation of girls in Africa through: Research into the barriers to girl’s education and development; Promotion of access to education, both formal and informal; Training to build self-esteem and learn life skills.


Marylanders for Progress is a not-for-profit, apolitical organization founded in 1999 to assist the people of Maryland County in Liberia rise themselves from the ruins of war, to develop improved living conditions though sustainable economic empowerment, education and health care with women at the forefront.

MOMS Club International of Nigeria:  Mission is to improve the welfare of women and children especially women of child bearing age in rural communities.

NCWC logoThe National Council of Women of Canada is a NGO founded in 1893, incorporated by an Act of Parliament in 1914. This vibrant, pro-active, credible Council of Women reflects the diversity of society, encouraging informed political decision making and public attitudes for the well being of society, through research, education, consultation and cooperation.

Nurses Across BordersNurses Across Borders humanitarian initiatives is an international charitable non-government, not-for-profit organisation. Founded in 1999 on the recognition that the vast majority of people worldwide enjoy poor health care delivery services, arising from the dangers of inadequate health care facilities, crises and conflicts, droughts, disaster and famine, detrimental to full and good health. It is the belief of NAB that health is everybody's business.

Partners in Population & Development Logo
Partners in Population and Development Mission is to assist each other and other developing countries to address successfully the sexual and reproductive health and rights, including family planning and HIV/AIDS, population and development challenges through South-South collaboration by raising a common voice and sharing sustainable, effective, efficient, accessible and acceptable solutions considering the diverse economic, social, political, religious and cultural characteristics of our countries.

Sister Song LogoSister Song mobilizes women of color around our lived experiences by: 
• bringing women of color together;
•encouraging our collective sustainability through mentoring and self-help;
•providing a framework that resonates with our lived experience, and
•organizing and mobilizing to affect change.

Social Aid of Hellas (in consultative status with ECOSOC/UN): Mission Statement: Women's Rights are Human Rights is a reality. Gender Mainstreaming is an accomplishment. But we need much more in the domain of Women's active participation in our Global Society and we need to look carefully at the 8 Millennium Development Goals through woman's eyes and with a woman's perspective. We also need to pay attention to the Woman of Africa and how they are coping with all these perspectives.

wofak - logo

Women fighting AIDS in Kenya (WOFAK) is a national non-governmental AIDS support organization with 17,000 members, established to provide quality care, support and empowerment to women and children infected and affected by HIV & AIDS, to enable them live positively with the infection. Wofak was founded in August 1993 by a group of women, the majority of whom were HIV-positive and those concerned. They came together to give support to one another due to rejection, stigmatization and discrimination as a result of their status. Most of these women had lost their spouses to HIV and were faced with the burden of supporting their families.

Women's Federation for World Peace

WFWP International is a non-profit, nongovernmental, international organization in General Consultative Status of ECOSOC and DPI Associates with the United Nations. WFWP Chapters adhere to the principle that women, working together, taking initiative and empowering one another across traditional lines of race, culture and religion to create healthy families, are resolving the complex problems of our societies and world. Therefore, WFWP works to provide women worldwide with: the knowledge, tools and support needed to create peace at home, peace in our communities, our nations and our world.

Women's Intercultural Network (WIN)Women's Intercultural Network (WIN) is an international non-profit organization, consultative to the United Nations, based in San Francisco, CA, that links women and girls across cultures, globally and locally for collective action on common critical concerns.  WIN's goal is to ensure that the voices of all women and girls are heard.

Women's Interfaith Encounter AssociationWomen's Interfaith Encounter Association is dedicated to promoting peace in the Middle East through interfaith dialogue and cross-cultural study.   We believe that, rather than being a cause of the problem, religion can and should be a source of the solution for conflicts that exist in the region and beyond. (100 members)

WUNRN_logoWomen's UN Report Network (WUNRN) is a non-governmental organization to implement the conclusions and recommendations of a United Nations Study on Freedom of Religion of Belief and the Status of Women From the Viewpoint of Religion and Traditions (E/CN.4/2002/73/Add.2). This study is a major, universal, comprehensive U.N. approach to intolerance and discrimination against women based on religion and traditions. (1000+ members)

Women's World Summit Foundation is a non-profit, non-confessional, International NGO with United Nations consultative status (ECOSOC, UNFPA, DPI) to help implement women's and children's rights and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals MDGs. Women and children represent 75% of the world's population and need to be involved in creating the space in which they live - a world for equality, development and peace.


Other Organizations & Grassroots Movements
Supporting a 5th Women's World Conference

(Supporting Organizations to date: 88)

34 Million Friends

34 Million Friends of UNFPA was started to ask 34 million Americans to give at least one dollar to make up for the Bush Administration's refusal to release $34 million to the UNFPA every year.

ACODIF - Community Action for Integral Development in Fizi:  Since 2005, ACODIF has been working in the territory of Fizi, DR Congo, in order to help the local population – a people impoverished by a decade of war and local conflict who are beginning to rebuild their lives. ACODIF trains its members, mostly young men and women, to help people find ways of breaking the cycle of violence in the country. They provide direct conflict resolution between parties in disagreement, as well as Human Rights & Development services. The only funds it currently receives are contributions from its members

Alaska Women's NetworkAlaska Women's Network has served since 1996 as the portal to Alaska, not just for the women of Alaska, but for tens of thousands of women from around the world. Our commitment is to be the communications network for the women of Alaska. Our website is based on the Platform for Action adopted at the 1995 4th UN World Conference on Women in Beijing.

AMWA logoThe American Medical Women's Association is an organization of 3000 members which functions at the local, national, and international level to advance women in medicine and improve women's health. We achieve this by providing and developing leadership, advocacy, education, expertise, mentoring, and through building strategic alliances.

And The Women GatherAnd the Women Gather is the original gathering place for thousands of Women around the globe. You might call us a Think Tank. We will trade ideas and expertise about business, health, relationship, money, beauty, foods, books and spirituality. We will showcase amazing women and their businesses. We will shed a little tears but best of all we will share a lot of laughter and success.

AWP logoThe Arizona Women's Partnership, Inc. is an all volunteer philanthropic 501c3 nonprofit formed in 2002 to help under-served women and youth at risk in Arizona. We come together with one goal in mind: namely, to make a difference in the lives of others. The beneficiaries of our fundraising efforts are small grassroots organizations that assist under-served and disadvantaged women and their families. AZWP grant recipients, all 501c3 non-profits are women and their families, including: domestic violence, child abuse, literacy education and training, homelessness, youth at risk, and the needs of refugee women. We raise money through our annual fundraising events, business sponsorships and individual contributions.

Belle Aurore Productions

Belle Aurore Productions believes that the world needs the voices of women's experience and is dedicated to bringing those voices to life on the stage and through readings of poetry, prose and plays written by women.

Birthing Project Logo

Birthing Project USA is the only national African American maternal and child health program in this country. We are a volunteer effort to encourage better birth outcomes by providing practical support to women during pregnancy and for one year after the birth of their children.

Brooklyn-Queens Chapter of the National Organization for Women is a grassroots, civil rights organization dedicated to women's rights issues. Our major issues are: Putting the Equal Rights Amendment into the U.S. Constitution; Protecting full reproductive rights; Ending discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation; Stopping violence against women; Gaining economic equality and opportunity.

The mission of Catholics for Choice Canada is to educate and advocate around freedom of choice for women in sexual and reproductive matters; and to speak out for freedom of conscience so that the public and policy makers know there are other legitimate opinions among Catholics than those of the Roman Catholic hierarchy.

The Center for Cultural, Educational, Economic and Social Studies is a 350 member organization in India whose mission is to study and promote human development issues, empowerment of women, and to work for peace, disarmament and human rights.

Center for Touch DrawingThe Center for Touch Drawing disseminates the simple yet profound process of Touch Drawing for therapeutic, healing, creative and spiritual applications.

Circle Connections Logo

Circle Connections: Co-creating a world of justice,
peace and environmental sustainability
one circle,
one connection,
one step at a time.


Coalitions for Change Logo

Coalitions for Change (C4C) seeks to build bridges between different interest groups to help create a more conducive climate of communication and cooperation to help Nigeria ultimately improve livelihoods by meeting the Millennium Development Goals.



The purpose of the Commission on the Status of Women
of the City and County of San Francisco
to ensure women and girls equal economic, social, political
and educational opportunities throughout the city.


Cosmic Cowgirls InkCosmic Cowgirls INK: Art and Books That Turn Lives Into Legends is a revolutionary woman and girl owned nationwide independent membership based empowering media publishing house. The focus of our work is the collaborative creation of journals, workbooks and workshops designed to illuminate, inspire and inform the journey of a woman's life. Our work is to gather women's wisdom to be shared through the collaborative creation of art, books, music and movie designed to inspire, inform, and illuminate the journey of a woman's life.

Creating at Will LogoCreating At Will assists women professionals — entrepreneurs, managers and women returning to the workforce — in making positive change in their lives and the lives of those they serve.

Creatrix Logo

Creatrix Studio is dedicated to the development of visionary books and films that expand the imagination and celebrate the beauty and wonder of life. Our focus is on projects that deal with such topics as: Archeoastronomy, Mythology, Archaeology, Shamanism, Sacred Geometry,.New Physics, Ancient Civilizations, Sacred Sites. We also co-produce the annual Conscious Life Film Festival of Los Angeles

CybercovenThe mission of Cybercoven is to create safe space for all people and to provide a close-knit online community that supports healing the Earth and ourselves.

Cyntax FoundationThe Cyntax Foundation is a philanthropic organization established to commit its resources to activities intended to aid in the empowerment of at-risk groups of women and children in Southeast Asia. Initially projects will be undertaken in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar - with eventual expansion of programming into the Indian subcontinent. This work will be accomplished through initiatives such as micro-lending, SME (small to medium enterprises) technical assistance, and capacity building through education and training.

Daughters of Virtue and Esteem (DOVE) teaches and empowers girls to rise above life's challenges and mature into healthy, happy and confident young women.

Democracy In Action Logo

Democracy in Action is a grassroots movement of women working to bring about progressive change in South Dakota and is committed to informing and energizing voters and creating a climate where progressive candidates are elected.

Earth Mama Healing Logo

The mission of Earth Mama Healing is to assist and provide safe healing space for women and girls of the African Diaspora to gather to connect, release and heal. By conducting ceremonies, ritual work, workshops and retreats that will facilitate positive life changes.


ERA logoThe mission of the Equal Rights Alliance is to spearhead the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment in Florida, and passage of the ERA into the US Constitution, finally. ERA Inc. supports the efforts of especially females, but also males, toward self-empowerment, self-determination, and full personhood by advocating via TV, radio, and print, public speeches in each county before officials, website and blogging, cyber-meetings, cyber-newsletters, and rallies throughout Florida, the nation and in other countries.

Eth-Noh-TecEth-Noh-Tec builds cultural bridges that celebrate diversity and create compassionate communities through the performance of Asian and Asian American stories that reveal our universal truths.

Fabric of LifeThe Fabric of Life Foundation is a non-profit international economic development organization whose primary purpose is to support cooperative activities that improve the quality of life for poor women and their communities. The Foundation educates women in the cooperative principles of self-help, thrift, social responsibility, education, non-discrimination and cooperation among cooperatives.

Families for Conscious Living LogoFamilies for Conscious Living is a 501c3 nonprofit that provides: Connections to help families find one another to create places of belonging through self-directed community groups; Insights to balance heart-centered parenting with informed living choices; Inspiration, resources and support for parents to connect with self, family, local and global communities; Networking resources to bring learning opportunities and events to our local communities is an online community and hub of resources and information dedicated to women's equality, justice, wellness and safety.

Feminist Peace NetworkThe Feminist Peace Network is dedicated to building an enduring peace, with the ending of violence towards women and children as a first priority. This group is dedicated to the urgent need to immediately work towards providing shelter, food, education, and a safe environment for women and children in all parts of the world, as well as creating economic conditions to ensure these rights in the future. A strong bias towards matriarchal thinking is assumed. F.P.N. is a global network, open to pacifists and feminists of all denominations, nationalities, and persuasions willing to share ideas and work together across borders and cultures to achieve these goals. At the present time, the group is open to women only.

For Freedom Now Project Logo

The For Freedom Now Project was created to
bring together like minds all over the world
to create a shift around the world by
having people focus or pray
on the words Love and Gratitude
and sending this frequency
around the world.

FAHAN logoThe Foundation for A Healing Among Nations' mission is to generate healing among individuals, communities and nations; one by one creating an interior and exterior experience of peace. FAHAN works to create a world that is based on 'cultures of peace', which is an ongoing commitment to transcend ignorance through the practice and realization of love. FAHAN achieves it's mission through collaborative community outreach, advocacy, transformational training and media programs in the fields of preventative diplomacy; joining with leaders and citizen volunteers of the world to shape public opinion and build civil societies that compassionately invoke singular responsibility for oneself and others.

FORWARD - LogoThe objectives of the Foundation for Women, Law and Rural Development (FORWARD) are: 1. To engage in activities that support the study and research of issues of gender equality with regards to economic, political, cultural, and legal spheres, and to realize the value of sustainable rural development; 2. To empower women by equipping them with valuable legal knowledge that will encourage and enable them to work towards a more just and equal world; 3. To follow the basic concept of human rights according to the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and other relevant international mechanism; 4. To encourage the founding of women's organizations at all levels in order to further develop gender relations according to the Thai Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; 5. To promote creating a civil society where women's presence is felt and their participation is equal, substantial and constructive.

Gateway to the HeartGateway to the Heart is a 501(c)(3) educational and spiritual organization which serves as an evolutionary educational model for holographic integration through the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies by way of offering awareness programs that assist in the process of positive transformation of individuals and their communities.

Gather the Women

Gather the Women is a global community of women
committed to practicing compassionate and
collaborative use of their
personal power.

Gender and Development Action LogoGender and Development Action  works to realize her vision of an equitable society in which the values and aspirations of men and women can be fully realized through the following organizational goals: • To promote gender equity, equality and women empowerment in Nigeria;  • To influence policy-making and encourage partnerships which work for gender response and people- centered development; • To facilitate and foster alliance which promote equitable and sustainable development in Nigeria.

Heartspeak Grandmothers Project began at the Whidbey Institute whose mission is to convene a global circle of grandmothers to give voice to their Ancestral Wisdom, dialog with youth and community, provide ongoing communication into the future, revitalize and preserve wisdom traditions for the sustainability of future generations.

Hope Springs InstituteThe mission of Hope Springs Institute is to provide sacred space for Feminist Education, Responsible Green Living and Transformational work in the service of Healthy Relationship with Planet Earth, Global Peace, Justice and Equality and Personal Development.

INSAN Foundation Trust LogoInsan Foundation Trust (Pakistan) protects, supports and promotes negotiated peace, democratic values and rights of the disadvantaged children, youth, women, refugees and religious and ethnic minorities. Objectives: 1. Demonstrate social, political and economic viability of gender equality and women's empowerment with the involvement of women, communities and government and non-government institutions. 2. Mobilize, educate and train youth groups, communities and government and non-government institutions to ensure healthy development of deprived youth & children. 3. Enable stakeholders to protect, support and promote democratic values, negotiated peace and sustainable development.

inspadInstitute of Peace and Development working for peace-building, women and human rights, inter-faith dialogue and conflict resolution of Kashmir since 1995 in Pakistan and as ASBL in Belgium from 2005.


Kore LeadershipKore Leadership is a collective of women dedicated to developing leaders who are well-equipped to meet the extraordinary challenges of contemporary work and life, and whose actions arise from their “ground of being,” that profound source of authenticity, insight, and joy within every person.

Kuki Ndiho Foundation LogoKuki Ndiho Foundation helps rebuild the lives of orphans as well as other children and young adults who have been scarred by the tragic 1994 genocide and its aftermath. It creates within a unique educational and cultural framework, the opportunity to build individual and social developmental momentum and contribute resources, knowledge and support to the recovering communities.


In Sweet CompanyIn Sweet Company: workshops, retreats, keynotes and advocacy that connect women to their inner wisdom, passion and purpose.

Ladies Library Association

GFWC Kalamazoo Ladies Library Association
is primarily a service club, actively involved in
promoting literacy and education.


Madonna Ministry LogoMadonna Ministry is a global, spiritual community, a "church without walls." We are world servers who minister joyfully from our hearts to encourage all to express essential Divinity by utilizing creativity. We are nourished by the divine grace of the one. We are called to minister through good will, unconditional love, gratitude, spiritual insight, intuition, discernment and humility all foster direct revelation and enlightened understanding.

Millionth Circle

The Millionth Circle:  Circles encourage connection and cooperation among their members and inspire compassionate solutions to individual, community and world problems. We believe that circles support each member to find her or his own voice and to live more courageously, and intend: • to seed and nurture circles, wherever possible, in order to cultivate equality, sustainable livelihoods, preservation of the earth and peace for all. • to bring the circle process into United Nations accredited non-governmental organizations and the 5th UN World Conference on Women. • to connect circles so they may know themselves as a part of a larger movement to shift consciousness in the world.

Modern Women's Foundation LogoModern Women's Foundation of Taiwan concentrates on the advocacy, law-making and direct services on violence against women, particularly on the issues such as sexual assault, sexual harassment, and domestic violence.  It has been more than 20 years working on the agency's unique goal of gender justice.  Recent programs include some reaching out programs for the victims who search for the assistance in the court with domestic violence and others.  The agency developed new initiatives called court social services for the woman victim.

New Dimensions LogoNew Dimensions Radio/Media is a resource for meaningful radio and audio conversations on what matters. It is heard on radio stations throughout the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and worldwide through the Internet. New Dimensions' programming creates deep dialogue with people who see beyond cynicism, whose focus is to go beyond finger pointing, people who are enthused and informed about the future we can choose together. Its content are gifts for the mind, heart and spirit that can last a lifetime.

New Moon Media LogoNew Moon Media's mission is to help girls, ages 8 to 15, discover their unique voices and express them in the world in ways that matter: through sharing their own poetry, artwork, videos, and other creations; engaging in meaningful, adult-moderated discussions; and challenging cultural stereotypes of physical beauty, members build self-esteem and positive body image. New Moon Girls is for every girl who wants her voice heard, her dreams taken seriously, and her creativity celebrated.

NPE logoNew Paradigm Energetics is a powerful system of Energy Medicine Healing using free will and creative energy. Our organization is committed to sharing and teaching knowledge and experience of humanity's biological healing potential, the human energy field and the variety of frequency realms that humans inhabit as multi-dimensional beings. Working and d learning from  people of all ages and backgrounds (individuals, groups, communities), we encourage the development of our own and each other's special gifts and healing potential. It is our ultimate dream to see all people awaken to their highest creative potential and together create the new paradigm.

Niger Delta Women's Movement for Peace and Development
(NDWPD) campaigns to harness the wisdom of the Niger Delta women and to eliminate any form of violence against women and to create justice among all.

OC Human RelationsThe mission of OC-Human Relations is to foster mutual understanding among residents and eliminate prejudice, intolerance and discrimination in order to make Orange Co. a better place for ALL people to live, work and do business.

Only Love Prevails World Peace Experiment

The Only Love Prevails World Peace Experiment is a movement to create world peace through a shift in consciousness  -- a shift from fear to love.  To date over 33,000 people in 171 countries have volunteered to participate in this World Peace Experiment and become a catalyst for peace. It's easy, takes only seconds a day and costs no money! Click the logo for more information.

The Peace Company LogoThe Peace Company dreams of a world where peace is the underlying value around which our society organizes itself. We are dedicated to transforming the current culture of scarcity, inequality and violence to a culture of abundance, mutuality and peace.

Power Integration CenterThe Power Integration Center is both a global community and a collection of projects all packaged and manifested into products we can 'sink our teeth into.'  Our purpose is to provide tools, resources and opportunities for people to connect to peace, power and passion through truth. (500 members)

Rockhaven LogoRockhaven Ecozoic Center: Our philosophy is that personal renewal and alignment with this Great Work is at the heart of societal and Earth renewal: those knowledgeable and willing to undertake their own transformational journey can not only transform their own lives but also that of the planet. We see the development of new awareness (particularly feminine and indigenous dimensions) in both women and men as critical to this work. Greater consciousness requires a deeper wisdom, looking to the margins or creative edge as well as to the classical traditions and new science.


RTDOThe Rural Tribal and Development Organization mission is: • To establish educational institutions in Arts, Science, commerce, engineering, medicine, para medical sciences etc. • To establish hostels, homes for students and elderly people. • To implement different multi purpose community development schemes. • To arrange scholarships for higher education in India and abroad. • To conduct awareness campaigns for the diseases like cancer, T.B, AIDS, HIV and so on. • To Rehabilitate people affected by natural calamities. • Any other project approved by the Governing Body of the Trust.

SARAH LogoMembers of S.A.R.A.H. are women who are committed to empowering ourselves, one another and the community through our daily actions, dialogue, community service and providing educational opportunities by conforming to the highest values of all of our faiths.

SFWPC LogoSan Francisco Women's Political Committee, established in 2002, is the largest women's organization in San Francisco. SFWPC recruits and supports feminist candidates for office, helps women get appointed to commissions, develops a slate card for each election cycle, hosts events, and maintains the most comprehensive website regarding women's political ongoings in San Francisco.

Scottsdale National Gender Institute

Scottsdale National Gender Institute mission is to establish a global culture of understanding, respect and equity for all men and women.

Shahrzad News LogoShahrzad News is a bilingual, multimedia news service that provides news & views on gender-sensitive issues in Iran, placing global concerns in a local framework and vice-versa. Shahrzad News also offers a free platform to independent journalists (particularly women) in Iran, who despite censorship are keen to publish untold stories. Shahrzad is another name for Sheherazade - the narrator of 1001 nights. Like her, Shahrzad News believes in the power of words.

Shakti-Interspiritual-CentreThe Shakti Interspiritual Centre is a proposal to create a spiritual sanctuary and international center for research, healing, creative expression and social change, helping to bring the values and wisdom of the feminine into contemporary spirituality and society. It would serve as a base for an alliance of women spiritual teachers and wider organizations of women and men working for inner and outer peace through new integrative paths to spiritual, psychological and global healing. Our vision is to create an interspiritual, integrative paradigm that at the same time embraces the values of the feminine so needed to bring balance into the collective consciousness today, as a vital basis for world peace and transformation.

Our aim is to help increase the number of women in the world's parliaments and also in all peace-building processes, including UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women Peace and Security (UNSCR1325). We have had thirty years' experience in training future women politicians, and since 1990 in the implementation of UNSCR1325.

GWSW-logoSimon Fraser University Canada - Department of Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies: The department's focus is on expanding traditional scholarship and policy analysis by studying the ways gender has structured intellectual and social traditions and by exploring how knowledge can be reshaped when women are included. We also examine ways that issues of gender intersect with other structures of power, such as class, race, ethnicity, species and disabilities to shape social structures and ways of thinking. An on-line radio for women to speak to women. Sister Space, is a developing global community for women from different countries, all walks of life, diverse ideologies, and cultures. Sister Space is a place where women can speak openly, without judgment. A place where women can learn, be challenged, network and receive support from each other.

Sistatreats LogoSistaTreats!™ is an opportunity for you to spend time in beautiful homes in spectacular places and with the support of other like minded women and a great staff touch the places inside yourself that need to be held, pampered and acknowledged.

Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions Canada are committed
to working with women, with youth, and with earth.
We work for justice for earth and all earth's inhabitants.


Sophia's Portico

Sophia's Portico offers a safe haven to explore opportunities for growth in earth centered and feminine spirituality. Inclusive of creeds, cultures, genders and races, Sophia's Portico seeks to nurture spiritual growth in an atmosphere of peace, freedom, dignity and justice. All seeking personal empowerment, supportive community, and emergent paradigms are welcome to participate in ritual and formative events.

Sound Essence ProjectThe Sound Essence Project, a Washington State Nonprofit Corporation, is a collaborative international gathering of people with the intention to create a cross cultural network of resources in an environment of mutual learning with an emphasis on cultural sustainability. Through the confluence of our respective wisdom's, we hope to converge traditional practices with sustainable ways of life to create a profound partnership which expands world community and peace through education, herbal medicine, sound, color, and cultural communion.

Southern Oregon Temple of the GoddessThe Southern Oregon Temple of the Goddess, located in Grants Pass, Oregon is a center for spiritual expression and education for women and men, focusing on Woman's Natural Spiritual Authority. We promote woman-centered spirituality by providing weekly temple services, community and personal rituals, sacred performances, classes and lectures. We believe divine power contains all: female, male, animal, plant, mineral, and elemental. And we believe this all-inclusive divine power to be primarily feminine. As women heal ourselves and reclaim and nourish our natural spiritual authority, we generate greater wisdom, creativity, wholeness, compassion, justice, and peace for all.



SpiralMuse Mission: Connecting women, Shaping the world. In addition to circles other programs for women, SpiralMuse provides web space for women's self expression and a gorgeous Victorian home in S.F. for gatherings, circles, events, and more.


Spirit Dove

The Spirit Dove
Mission: to promote peace around the world and to empower, inspire and support women.



The mission of Steps Towards Development is to enhance gender equality, to improve the condition and position of women, to protect the human rights of women and girls, and to increase women's participation in decision-making and governance at all levels.

Tech Outreach of Malaysia: Reaching out to transform, enhance, cultivate and harness the lives of disadvantaged communities.

Tipisia Women's Group of Kenya: Mission is to empower women and give them a new earning opportunities (i.e., beadwork for business and not just for beauty).

Unity of Divine Love Logo

Unity of Divine Love: Our mandala logo is a symbol of our wholeness and interconnectedness as a ministry of spiritual leaders, healers, teachers and lightworkers - all in service and ministry to one another and our world. We are an organic organization and intersect, flower and allow the LIGHT OF GOD to shine through us creating a beautiful kaleidoscope.

Vessels of Peace LogoVessels of Peace is an international, multi-faith, spiritual peace and service network for women. We believe that the path to a peaceful humanity lies through the hearts of women; we must show the way. We are committed to supporting women in learning to embody peace in all aspects of their lives and to presence it in the world. (325 members)

Voices of Women

Voices of Women is dedicated to educating ourselves and others on global issues and U.S. foreign policy. We believe that citizens, empowered with information and understanding, can advance the cause of non-military solutions to global conflicts. We believe that the voices of women must lead a worldwide campaign for peace.


Wijze VrouwenCirkel Nederland

Women's Circles with a spiritual centre in order to create a strong voice in the world. Every women has a wise woman living in her - we are coming together to invite the wise women to come out and become an active force of love in the world. A project to initiate the feminine principle in the world.

With ForgivenessWITH Forgiveness is a international multimedia project to illuminate the path to compassion and unconditional love for ourselves and others by: • Identifying and Transforming the fear-based beliefs and judgments that cause human conflict, pain and suffering. • Providing specific techniques and practices to assist people in the ultimate transcendence of these beliefs through the action of forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love. • Offering worldwide resources to nurture the fruits of forgiveness. • Creating community to support our process of forgiveness.

Women's Global ConnectionsWomen's Global Connection, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit offering a virtual gathering place for sharing women's wisdom, experience, and spirituality for the purpose of nurturing transformative change and building a just and sustainable global community. 

Women's News Network LogoUsing the highest standard in journalism WNN - Women News Network is dedicated to bringing you in-depth international women?s news not found in our current public media stream. Starting from a writing assignment to cover global women?s news for the UN Commission on the Status of Women in 2006, director Lys Anzia saw the vital need to report the many times hard and suffering stories of women. WNN news stories have appeared on UN affiliate and agency publications through WUNRN- Women's UN Report Network and UN-INSTRAW, the United Nations Institute of Training and Research for the Advancement of Women.

Women for North Carolina LogoWomen NC is a non profit organization originating from the United Nations Commission on Status of Women (CSW) and the United Nations International Treaty CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women).  Women NC is committed to empowering women in North Carolina by engaging them with CSW and CEDAW related activities. Visit website for more information.

Women's PerspectiveWomen's Perspective Mission: To provide educational experiences that inspires women to align their spiritual and economic power for the compassionate use of money in the world.

Women's Power Circle LogoWomen's Power Circles is a social enterprise company that addresses girls' and women's hunger for a feminine power that is defined by and for them, to connect with their mother or daughter without obligation and guilt, to connect with their fellow sisters from a place of mutual empowerment and support, to have their skills and time equally valued and financially rewarded, and to gather with each other in Women's Power Circles and Girls' Power Circles and feel heard, understood, valued, nurtured and healed.

WRC-logoWomen's Resource Center of Southern Oregon University is passionately dedicated to improving the lives of women in our community through education and support services. We embrace a feminist model: empowering women and men to actively stand against oppression.

Women's Wisdom Corp

Woman Wisdom Corp provides multi-media educational programs to empower women and girls worldwide.

University of Vermont Women's Center LogoWomen's Center, University of Vermont, supports the social, professional, spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional facets of women's lives, empowering women to become active leaders in their communities. The Center advocates, educates and provides direct service in support of women's equity and safety at the University and within the greater community, serves as a resource and assists the University in creating and fostering a diverse and inclusive campus community.

Women's Legal Resource
Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault laws are in desperate need of reform. The present law as written is flawed and not honoring the safety of victims of violence in the United States. Women's Legal Resource Foundation was formed to be a nonpartisan organization to support the effort and petition Congress for the revision of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault laws.


Women's SchoolThe mission of the Women's School of Healing Arts and Sciences is to strengthen the bonds
between women and to empower women
through education, networking and
mutual support.


World Connections for Women is dedicated to peace and social justice. We focus on human rights and sustainable development as well as education about and responding to violence against women and children.